Andalusia-Opp Airport Authority

Contact Information
Fax: (334) 222-1242
Phone: (334) 222-6598 Main Terminal
Phone: (334) 222-0316 Fixed Based Operations
Phone: (334) 222-1638 Municipal Heliport
Location Andalusia-Opp Airport Authority
21861 Bill Benton Lane
Andalusia, AL 36421

492 Total Acres; 168 Acres Set Aside for Industrial Sites
5,000 Ft. Paved Runway
Over 6,000 Feet of Interconnecting Taxiways Capable of Supporting General and Business Prop, Turbo-Prop, and Jet Aircraft
Beacon Lights
Instrument Approach
Military Control Tower
Heliport (Parking Capability of 50 Helicopters)
Aircraft Fuel (Jet A and 100 LL)
Rental Cars
Flight Food Catering
16 T-Hangers, 2 Stall-Hangers, 6 Twin-Hangers
Helicopter Refueling
20,000 Gallon Jet Fuel Farm with 3 Rapid Refueling Subsystems
10,000 Gallon Low-Land Aviation Fuel Farm
Weather Navigation Aids to Include GPS Instrument Landing Capability and Automated Weather Reporting and Display Systems

Home of Acro/Helipro Global Services
Acro/Helipro Hanger – 8,000 Square Feet with 2,812 Square Feet Administrative Office and Specialty Space

Coming Soon:

EJM Aerospace will begin operations in Spring 2006 and will employ up to 300 workers.
In 2007, the runway will be expanded to 7,000 feet.
ILS (Instrument Landing System) will be operational in 2007.

Board Members
Person title Start of Term End of Term
H. D. Edgar Treasurer
Mike Holloway Secretary
Larry Presley Vice-Chairman
Gary Smith Chairman



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